Xbox 360 hardmod [WIP]

Last updated on November 21st, 2021 at 09:47 pm

This post is a work in progress and not therefor not finished. It is intended as internal documentation but may also be useful for others.

End goal: Xbox 360 that can play games from HDD



  • Identify Xbox 360 model
  • Disassemble the Xbox 360
  • Write timing file to Coolrunner
  • Connect J-R programmer and Xbox 360
  • Dumping the NAND
  • Creating and writing the ECC to the Xbox 360
  • Extracting the CPU key
  • Create XeBuild image
  • Write NAND
  • Installing Aurora
  • Upgrading the hard disk

Identify Xbox 360 model

Disassemble Xbox 360

Write timing file to Coolrunner

In order to prepare the Coolrunner, connect it to the J-R programmer with the supplied cable and connect the J-R programmer to the computer via USB. On the computers side, start J-Runner as Administrator and confirm the programmer is recognised by the application (insert screenshot of programmer being recognised). Next go to Advanced –> Custom Nand/CR Functions. In the window that pops up select Xsvf and click the button directly under the filename field. Browse to the location of the rgh12 folder, and select “rgh12_18.xsvf” from “try_these_first\matrix” and click run.

Connect the J-R Programmer and the Xbox 360

The J-R programmer is a low cost alternative to the relatively expensive NAND-X. Being cheaper its said to be slower and less reliable than the NAND-X but it worked fine for me. The set of cables that connects the J-R Programmer to the Xbox 360 have a connector on the end that needs to be removed so the wires can be soldered directly to the Xbox 360 . I cut the legs of some resistors and soldered them to the wires only because I’ve seen that the NAND-X wires look similar and I wanted to recreate that look and feel thinking it would be easier to work with (I still believe it was the right decision).

Before applying heat-shrink

Next is to solder the wires to the Xbox 360.

Dumping the NAND

Connect the J-R programmer to the computer and start the JRunner software. If you do not see the J-R programmer logo in JRunner, the drivers need to be installed first. After installing the drivers verify that the logo now shows and supply power to, but not turn on, the Xbox 360. Clicking on read NAND will create two NAND dumps that will need to match before continuing.

Creating and writing the ECC to the Xbox 360

If the previous step is successful continue clicking on

Extract the CPU key

Create network connection between computer and Xbox 360

Create XeBuild image

Write NAND

Install Aurora

Upgrade the hard drive


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